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Select the best provider

Every journey is fraught with risk. With the right guidance and road map, you can eliminate the inherent perils such as selecting a solution provider who doesn’t agree with the strategic goals or doesn’t have the right skillset or infrastructure to execute the defined plan, which jeopardizes the final outcome. The Prinzo Group ensures you safely get through the procurement process with minimal exposed risk without jeopardizing the desired future state.

What’s included:

  • Provide clear, open, and flowing communication about the procurement process

  • Implement robust and experienced project management

  • Define the procurement strategy

  • Create a clear and comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP)  

  • Assist with proposal evaluations, solution demonstrations, contract negotiations, and developing project statement of work

  • Provide the framework for successful implementation


  • Effective communication removes the risk of misunderstanding of goals and timelines

  • Build trust in the process as everyone understands roles and responsibilities

  • Provide a strong foundation for successful procurement

  • Foster the desired future state

  • Ensure “best fit” providers enter the selection process

  • Provide a vendor-neutral perspective to select solution provider without bias

  • Achieve desired results

Learn more about our Assessment and Strategy Services, Implementation Services, and Flexible Delivery Options.  

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