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As a full-service consultancy, The Prinzo Group has helped state government agencies throughout the United States modernize outdated processes and systems. From replacing legacy systems with new technology, to conducting complex procurement and implementing new policies, The Prinzo Group utilizes different strategies to identify and chart a proper course of action. To ensure optimal results, we employ rigorous methodologies and every component of our service includes full project management to ensure we don’t overlook any detail. Learn more about us and our promise.

Our experience includes working on projects with the following organizations:

  • State of Georgia

    • Department of Administrative Services

    • Georgia General Assembly

    • Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission

    • Georgia Department of Labor

    • Georgia Department of Public Health

    • Georgia Department of Veterans Services

    • Governor's Office of Workforce Development

    • State Accounting Office

    • Georgia Technology Authority

    • University System of Georgia

  • State of Vermont

  • State of Maine

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts

  • State of North Carolina

  • Commonwealth of Virginia

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project and discover how our services will benefit your organization.

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