Define and implement your future state vision


strategy & assessment

 If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.


 Maximizing your investment begins with choosing the right vendor.

project assurance

A unique methodology that we wrote the book on….literally.

change management

Process improvement has more to do with people than technology.

Functional Competencies

Financial Management

Human Capital Management

Customer Relationship Management

Supply Chain Management

Content Management and Portals

Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics

Strategy and Assessment

Starting with a comprehensive analysis of your current state, we’ll work with you to build a clear vision of where you want to go.


Then we’ll guide you there with real-world experience, a comprehensive methodology, and project management skills that let us apply our expertise in the way that works best for your organization – quickly and efficiently.


Our proven methodology set the framework for the work we do.  Our FutureState Framework Suite is built on years of experience, guiding clients with tried and true methods for achieving results.


Service Offerings:

  • Needs Assessment

  • Business Process Analysis and Design

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Business Case Development



On the road between strategy and implementation, there’s a chasm called procurement. Getting across it is fraught with risk, and many organizations don’t make it over safely. When selecting software and services vendors, they disagree on strategic goals. They lose control of the process. Communication breaks down. They end up with an implementation that is not what they wanted, or not what they thought they were going to get.


We are experts at helping organizations set their strategy—and then guiding them through the procurement process to ensure their strategic goals are met. The second phase of our FrameWork: Suite implementation and optimization methodology is the Acquisition phase. It’s our way of bridging the procurement gap, getting you across it quickly, securely, with all your expectations met.

Service Offerings:

  • Requirements Definition

  • Market Analysis

  • RFP Development

  • Vendor Selection




Project Assurance and Recovery

Simply put, project assurance is delivering projects on time, on-budget, with user acceptance to meet the goals as outlined in the strategic plan. Although simple in concept, the results are difficult to achieve. In fact, according to industry experts, only 29% of enterprise software projects are successful.


To improve the odds of success, we developed the project assurance methodology known as Collaborative Intervention®. At its foundation, Collaborative Intervention is designed to align project expectations, allocated resources, and implementation scope with the goal of increasing the project’s probability of success.


At the end of the day, our project assurance methodology gives you the when what and how answers that you need to assure project success. It helps you to identify and resolve the strategic, tactical and intangible issues before they become insurmountable; and to investigate and defuse volatile situations within the organization and the project team.

Service Offerings:

  • Project Management

  • Project Recovery

  • Project Assurance

  • Independent Verification and Validation




Organizational Change Management

Change management, communication and training can be the Achilles’ heel of large projects. Naturally, people resist change and project teams routinely underestimate the impact of change on end users.


Our Change Management methodology guides those most directly impacted by “the change” move from a place of resistance to a place of understanding, acceptance and action.  The ability to effectively communicate change with project stakeholders is vital to success, and we’re proud of our reputation as change agents.


In developing your change management strategy, we build more than a plan; we build a change management community with a common vision dedicated to getting there, whatever it takes.


Service Offerings:

  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Organizational Impact Analysis

  • Communication Strategy and Development

  • Train the Trainer and End User Training






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