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Fall 2019 - Date and Time TBD


Midtown Conference Center
1100 Peachtree Street NE Suite 200
Atlanta, Ga 30309

Build the Competencies to Lead Change in your Agency


According to industry research, 70% of organizations have suffered at least one project failure in the last year and 50% of projects fail to achieve expectations


  • Long budget and procurement cycles

  • Changes in administration, policy or priority

  • Complex and diverse stakeholder groups

  • Cultures adverse to change

  • Loss of valuable institutional knowledge from retiring workforce

  • Team members that lack proficiency in leadership competencies

To address this gap, most organizations invest in

developing the project management function.

The competencies include defining requirements, developing a business case and evaluating organizational impacts.

However, recent studies suggest there is not a correlation between project manager certification and project success.

These activities are not specific to project management and occur early in a project’s lifecycle often before the project manager is assigned.

This is because when it comes to implementing change, there is a standard set of core competencies required of organizational leaders.


The Prinzo Group created Leading Change Through Projects that builds the competencies necessary to lead and manage change in government agencies.

These Competencies Include:

  • Identifying when a change to a process, policy, procurement or system is needed.

  • Evaluating the impact of the change from various customer perspectives.

  • Taking the initiative to plan and implement the change.

  • Arranging a cross functional team to develop a project strategy that includes:

    • Current and Future State Evaluation

    • Evaluation of Solution Alternatives

    • A Training and Communication Plan

    • Requirements Definition

    • Customer and Business Impacts

Upcoming Workshops


Fall 2019 - Date and Time TBD


Midtown Conference Center
1100 Peachtree Street NE Suite 200
Atlanta, Ga 30309

Build the Competencies to Lead Change in your Agency


Our  workshops are for executives, directors and managers who are responsible for managing change through projects, but are not project managers. 

workshop format

Workshops are delivered onsite and consist of 3 half-day sessions.


In each session, participants are guided through hands-on exercises that apply the concepts of the course to their initiatives.

Ongoing Support

Participants are provided with the tools and templates for on-going use.


The organization is provided with a process for program implementation.

Download our eBook, Leading Change in Government Agencies.


This book lays the groundwork for effectively improving operational performance and implementing change in government agencies while addressing the unique challenges and dynamics of public sector agencies. Don’t miss it!

“Great course - I felt like I was an academic environment being taught by someone with a lot of relevant  real-world experience."

“The instructor did a great job of sharing his knowledge and experience. The class was a good mix of exercises and lecture.”

“I learned a lot about the steps necessary to help a project finish successfully. Though I am not a project manager in my current role, the class helped me gain a better understanding of project management.”



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